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We are returning to in-person worship beginning July 5!


Do not feel pressured to return to worship.  If you have health issues, do not feel well, or are not comfortable sitting with a group of people, you are welcome to stay home.  The worship service will be taped & put on our YouTube feed each week.  If you do choose to attend:


The first thing you are asked to do as you come to worship is, if possible, leave empty parking spaces beside you.  It is easier to socially distance if we do not park side by side.  If the parking lot is filling up, at least park where the cars next to you are already empty.  You may also use the parking area behind the Family Life Center.


The only open doors will be at the front of the Sanctuary.  Please DO NOT use any glass door to enter the building.


As you approach the building, you will see signs on the columns.  These are reminders to return home if you are not feeling well or have any of the following symptoms:

  • Cough                                                 - Muscle pain

  • Shortness of breath                             - Headache

  • Fever                                                   - Sore throat

  • Chills                                                  - Loss of taste or smell


You will notice that everyone volunteering is wearing a face mask & gloves.  This is for your safety.


On the porch will be a table offering hand sanitizer & a face mask (disposable or cloth).  Please take advantage of these.  If you have your own mask, you are welcome to use it.  We REQUIRE you to wear a mask as you move around the Sanctuary (per state directive).  (More on the face mask below.)  You will also be asked to have your temperature checked (touchless).  If you are running a fever, you will be asked to reconsider attending worship.


Once inside, an usher will greet you, offer you an offering envelope, & escort you to a seat.  Seating will begin at the front of the Sanctuary & work toward the back.  Please sit where you are shown; our capacity will be reduced as we practice social distancing in our seating.  Once seated, you may remove your face mask until it is time for you to move again.


The worship experience itself will be different.  We will NOT sing congregational songs.  We will not have a time of offertory.  (An offering box will be in the foyer for you to drop your gift in.)  We will not have a children’s message or children’s church.  Holy Communion, when celebrated, will be QUITE different.  (Instructions will be given during worship.)  We ask that you be flexible & accommodating, as none of these changes are expected to be permanent.


If needed, you may use the restroom.  There will be spray disinfectant in each restroom.  Please spray behind yourself so that the fixtures are clean for the next person.  (This includes the restroom door.)  We request that only one family use the restroom at a time.


At the conclusion of worship, the ushers will dismiss you, beginning at the back of the Sanctuary (like a wedding).  Please wait until the usher comes to your row before exiting.  You may use the side aisle.  A trash receptacle will be at the door for any items you wish to discard.  Please do not leave paper or trash in the pew.


Once outside, please remember to keep 6 feet apart & wear your mask.  Again, this is for your safety & the safety of others.


I understand this is a lot to absorb.  I also understand that this is not church like it used to be.  I mourn that too!  We do feel this is the best - & perhaps only – way to regather & still maintain everyone’s health.  So please bear with us.  Some of these procedures will probably change as we grow & learn.


Thank you, & I look forward to worshiping with you beginning July 5!


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