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Broken Dreams & Healed Hearts

Scripture - Luke 24:13-31 This year when Lent began, we had expectations of how the season would go. We’d give up our chocolate or soft drinks & spend a little bit more time reading our Bibles & praying. During Holy Week, we’d wave palms & shout “hosanna,” gather at the Lord’s table on Thursday, hear the story of Jesus dying on the cross on Friday, then gather together on Easter Sunday to celebrate the empty tomb & our risen Savior. However, Holy Week became different really fast. Suddenly we had to give up more than soda; we sacrificed our routine & sense of normalcy to protect our neighbors. Adults have wrestled with technology while teens have struggled with balancing responsibility &

Reading of the Will

Scripture - 1 Peter 1:3-9 Have you ever been to the reading of a will? I’m sure some of you have. The family, the relatives, & any others who expect to be involved in the distribution of the inheritance gather in a judge’s chambers or in a lawyer’s office, & the will is read. It is a very exciting & anxious time; indeed, for some it is a life-changing moment. I thought about this as I contemplated the text today from 1 Peter. Sometimes I forget that this is what we do every Sunday: read the will. That is what we are here for, to read God’s will so all the children of God can know what their inheritance is. Sometimes I forget that this is what we are doing. But today’s reading reminded

The Announcement

Scripture - Matthew 28:1-10 I am here to make an announcement, a brief announcement. Today’s music has probably given it away. And our Scripture reading & prayer time. But I will make the announcement anyway. This morning, a little before daybreak, God raised from the dead Jesus of Nazareth. That’s really my whole assignment, to make the announcement. I know it is difficult to hear. Announcements are always difficult to hear. Nobody pays attention to announcements. The announcements about our church’s life are put in the worship bulletin, sent out in a weekly email, & announced at the beginning of worship: “There will be a covered dish lunch next Sunday.” And then somebody on their

The Real Deal

Scripture - Matthew 21:1-11 Israel has endured over 60 years of foreign rule – oppressive rule a wrong word or threatening glance could get you killed life was high taxes, forced military service, & forced worship of the emperor as a god the Jewish people longed for a savior – a military king Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem suggested him to be the real deal – sort of the people spread clothes & branches on the road – a sign of honor & celebration they cry, “Save us!” & “Blessed is the one…” – they are quoting Psalm 118 it echoes Solomon’s entry into Jerusalem – to a degree – in 1 Kings but Jesus rides in on a donkey – thus he is not a warrior king but a subservient one The Romans, outsiders, pro


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