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February 4, 2019



1 Corinthians 13:1-13



I believe we are all aware of how our culture lives…

  • Guilt, gluttony & greed

    • Examples: more counseling, bigger burgers & higher pay

    • In denial – or ignorance – of how the rest of the world lives

  • I.e., selfishness – self-centered-ness

  • Not always by desire or design

    • Subtlety of Satan’s attacks


We also know that is not how we are supposed to live

  • Our text spells it out quite plainly

  • At the end of it all, 3 things will remain

    • Faith, hope & love

    • Prophecies will end; tongues will stop; knowledge will end



  • Faith is trust in God in action

    • Matthew 19 = rich young man – go, sell what you own, & give the money to the poor.

    • But the man trusted his possessions more than God

  • Faith of the Pharisees included much lip-service, lots of prayer, but little action

  • We can fall into this trap

    • “God bless you;” – but what sort of blessings are we supplying?

      • James 2:14-16 = What good is it if people say they have faith but do nothing to show it?  Claiming to have faith can’t save anyone, can it?  Imagine a brother or sister who is naked & never has enough food to eat.  What if one of you said, “Go in peace!  Stay warm!  Have a nice meal!”  What good is it if you don’t actually give them what their body needs?

    • You may be thinking, “Dave, I have faith.”  That’s good!  We are saved by grace through faith.

  • Faith is a good thing.  It will remain forever.  But it must have action.



  • Hope is faith in action; Hebrews 11:1 = faith is being sure of what we hope for

  • Self-centered-ness is hope-less-ness

    • without hope, you look out for #1

    • without hope, you do unto others before…

  • hope has been a popular notion in America

    • 13 states have a city named Hope; 4 more have a New Hope


Hope is when our spirituality begins to assert itself

  • When we respond to God’s grace, hope begins to stir

  • You may be thinking, “Dave, I have hope.”  Great!  Romans 5:5 = hope does not disappoint us!

  • Hope is a good thing.  It will remain forever.  But it must have action.



  • Love is our faith & hope in action

  • We may live in faith; we may live with hope; but to truly be like Christ, we must live out love

  • Living love, as Paul describes it, is only possible when the Holy Spirit becomes dominant in our life

    • It is Christ-centered-ness


Paul says that love is the greatest of all things

  • John 21, Jesus asked Peter 3 times: “Do you love me?”

  • John 15, Jesus told the disciples, “Live in my love.”

  • We sing the campfire song, “They will know we are Christians…”


The love Paul describes here is the highest virtue attainable

  • It is the greatest quality we can possess

  • It is the most Jesus-like characteristic we can imagine


Christian Science family & daughter with meningitis

  • Upon her death, the mother realizes what Paul is saying


Upper Room, 5/30/2000


I thank God for those of us living in faith, for we know God

I thank God for those of us living in hope, for we live beyond the here & now

I pray that God will grant us all the grace to live in love.

  • We can live a life of love because God first loved us

  • And God gives us the power – thru the Holy Spirit – to live out love



Let us pray.  Dear God, help us to love as you love us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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