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The Mission

Scripture - Matthew 28:16-20

Todd, Jean, Gerald & I hear it occasionally: “The church is too much like a business.”

  • We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization

  • So, we have certain reporting rules to follow

  • We are also a spiritually oriented organization

  • We are like a business

  • Like a business, we have a mission statement

  • One comes from the Book of Discipline:

  • “To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world”

  • One was defined specifically for Shiloh UMC:

  • “To glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ who delight in his worship, nurture his people, & who advance his kingdom.”

  • Our mission is 4-fold

First, we GO

  • Our mission is not conducted within these 4 walls

  • Our mission is not centered within these 4 walls

  • Our mission is conducted & centered out there

  • Every Sunday we end worship being told to GO

Second, we are to make disciples, not converts

  • One can be converted to a lot of things: brand loyalty, a diet fad, or fashion

  • Conversion, in & of itself, can be a fleeting thing

  • Discipleship is a holistic learning of the ways of Jesus

  • It involves study, nurturing, & emulation

  • Discipleship goes beyond believing IN Jesus, to following Jesus

Third, we baptize new believers in the name of the Trinity

  • Baptism is a symbol of deliverance & new birth

  • Baptism is a symbol of physical death, but also of salvation (eternal life)

  • Baptism involves the individual, yet is a communal act; we are joined into the family of God

  • Baptism sets us apart as a peculiar people, the children of God

And we teach these new disciples

  • We teach them the history & tradition of the Church

  • We teach them how to live a faithful life

  • Most importantly, we teach them Jesus’ commands & to obey those commands

  • Summarized: love God, love others

So, yes, the church is a business & it has a mission

  • I don’t apologize for it

  • I also struggle to justify it

  • If we were selling shoes, how long would we stay in business?

  • We don’t emphasize finances or buildings or programs

  • Our mission is people, & everyone of us is a missionary

Dave, does Jesus really expect us to share the gospel with all of Lexington & Western Davidson county?

  • Yes, Jesus does! We work for the greatest management team in the world!

  • And as promised, we work with the greatest team

  • I myself will be with you every day until the end of this present age.

Friends now let’s get busy on mission!

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